Frequently Asked Questions

How does the camera work?

It is a desktop, non-mydriatic ocular imaging camera capable of generating high-resolution, digital images of the retina that ophthalmic specialists can use to identify diabetic retinopathy. IMI selects cameras from a number of reliable, high-quality vendors depending upon the unique requirements of our clients. Three of the cameras we most commonly use include the Nidek AFC 210/230, the Canon CR-DGI and the Zeiss Visucam. Top

Do I need to hire a specially trained technician to operate the camera?

No. The camera is easy for any member of your staff to operate – clinical or non-clinical. IMI will train them to operate the equipment and perform the exam accurately and consistently. Top

What is the CPT code and reimbursement rate for this exam?

The photography reimbursement code is CPT 92250. Using this code, the diabetic retinopathy exam has a stated reimbursement rate through Medicare and Medicaid that is mirrored by most private healthcare payors (HMOs, PPOs, etc.). The reimbursement rate differs for each state, is updated regularly and can sometimes vary within different parts of a state. Each time your practice takes a picture using the Fundus camera, a billable event has occurred. We help integrate billing with your existing practices, and reimbursement rates typically range from $40 - $80 per patient. We are happy to provide you a sample statement of remittance for CPT code. Top

Does this program take business away from ophthalmologists?

No. The program actually strengthens your referral relationships with ophthalmologists by enhancing access to care and ensuring clinical compliance for diabetic patients and those at risk of the disease. You will be filling a gap by administering a diagnostic test that many patients are currently missing. Then, you can make appropriate referrals for necessary follow-up care. Top

I see how the program could enhance my relationship with ophthalmic specialists in my area and increase referral rates, but don't I need an ophthalmologist to perform the procedure in the first place?

No. The photography is entirely non-mydriatic so it does not require pupil dilation. As a result, you do not need any special drops or specialized personnel to perform the procedure. IMI will train your existing technicians to take the images, and the patient relaxes comfortably behind the camera for less than five minutes. Top

What is the typical profit margin?

Your profit margin for the program is dependent upon the size of your diabetic and overall patient base as well as the reimbursement rates in your area and specific hardware and software needs. Gross margins typically range from 65 percent to 80 percent, and net margins typically range from 25 percent to 50 percent. Top

Do you have clinical evidence that the sensitivity and specificity of the test is acceptable?

Yes. There is significant clinical evidence that IMI can share with qualified clinical providers. Please contact us for more information, and we will be happy to assist you. Top

Will the system integrate into our office's IT infrastructure?

Integrating with your current IT infrastructure should not be a problem. Our technical support team will work with your staff and IT contact to ensure everything needed is in place before installing the equipment and setting up and configuring the software. In addition, we are not tied to a single vendor, and as a result have the flexibility to select the specific camera make and model that will best meet your needs. Top

Will this test create an additional administrative burden on our staff?

Because of the technology involved, the test should not create a large amount of work for your staff. Using the equipment and software provided by IMI, the images are quickly and easily sent electronically to predetermined specialists to be graded. IMI then provides complete reports back for both you and the patient. Your staff's primary responsibility will be to ensure proper and timely billing for the procedure. And we will work with you and them to provide the training and any ongoing support needed. Top

Why choose IMI?

"IMI's turn-key tele-ophthalmology solution for patients with diabetes provides a retinal imaging platform for earlier diagnosis, better clinical treatment planning and greater access to timely care. In addition to increased practice revenues, the program also provides the physician the opportunity to meet or exceed HEDIS and NCQA compliance requirements."
- Robert Sergott, M.D.
Attending Surgeon, Wills Eye Inst.
Prof. of Ophthalmology and Neurology, Thomas Jefferson University, PA
"We developed some of the first telemedicine solutions and are now one of the longest, continuously operating telemedicine companies. I credit this success to our focus on customization. We don't take a cookie-cutter approach. Each one of our physician practice and healthcare facility clients is unique, and we personalize our products and services to meet their specific needs."
- Stephen Rogers, President & CEO, Interactive Medicine, Inc.
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